About Us

Gogo Nyadze Ndara has created Ndara's Jewels in the midst of covid-19 and the fact that many establishments are requiring us to wear face masks before entering their premises.
With our new normal in mind Gogo Nyadze Ndara created NdaRa's Designer Jewels. A totally unique line of Washable facemasks and matching Accessories. "Who says we can't be cute while we while we have to wear these facemasks?"
Gogo Nyadze Ndara has an intrinsic entrepreneur spirit and is someone who enjoys everything art and creation! All of her designs are intrinsically inspired and created with love 
Matching jewelry, masks, headbands, and more please feel free to check out the site www.ndarasjewels.com and inquire however you feel comfortable
" I am at your service during this new normal."
NdaRa's Jewels is a luxury face mask and accessories brand brought to you from Minnesota USA
Each mask is manufactured with non woven polypropylene material.
"It is important to me that the masks are not only luxurious and stylish but also safe;" this non woven polypropylene material is the same used in surgical masks and is proven to be very effective in blocking transmission a covid-19.
NdaRa's Jewels masks are safe reusable, washable, & cute, enjoy